To allow all plastics to be reused in a circular economy on a human scale.
« Capture, Recycle, Value » through « duplicable » production units.

Transform all multi-component plastic packaging into premium products.

ZERO plastic in the sea.
ZERO plastic under the ground.
ZERO plastic in the air.

Circular and Responsible Economy.
Ethical entrepreneurship and global engagement.
Preserve nature.

Local and human-sized solutions (unlike gigantism).
Local solutions using "local sources" for local needs

Plastic is a magnificent material, which has been invaluable for more than 100 years, since the discovery of the Hyatt brothers in 1870.   

In particular, it allows the products it contains to be perfectly preserved, while providing a remarkable communication medium for brands that use it as packaging material.

The plastic of packaging, however, suffers from a bad image - partially justified: it is it that ends up in wild landfills, in the sea, and when it is not discarded it is also a source of pollution when it is burned... 

Plastic must therefore be valued in circular loops, in order to limit its ecological impact and reduce its initial production! We want to promote reasonable and responsible use of plastic, including by creating solutions for multi-component plastics.

Through The company REPLACE, we have the project to create a new material. It will form the basis of a new economy, in order to put an end to the waste of complex plastics and the pollution that results from them.

Unfortunately, the "recyclability" of some plastics is degraded by the presence of additives, which have allowed the packaging to give special qualities (strength, lightness, etc.). Once used, these materials, known as "multi-component plastic packaging," are a major problem in the plastic lifecycle, although they are a solution to reduce the carbon footprint and overall weight of plastics Packaging...

It will be produced in short circuit, as close as possible to the sources of release of the raw material by the actors of the sectors concerned, in small, light, adaptable and energy-efficient production units.    

Our ambition is to restore its credentials to plastic, through the creation of this innovative material and the design of products that will use it for sectors in search of robust and durable materials.     

However, this need can only be met through the production of objects that are part of a process of design, industrialization as close as possible to the sources of raw material and the needs of consumers (local communities, farmers, arbori/winegrowers, industrial designers). This design, designed "from the local to the local", is the guarantee of maximum protection of the environment: it removes plastic from nature, and at the same time avoids subtracting natural resources from it... 

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