"None of us,
acting alone,
can not reach

Nelson Mandela
18th July 1918


.   Agglomeration : technique aimed at rendering fluffy materials (foils) denser so as to enable a freeflowing feeding into extruders.

.   Creosote : common name of a fongicide, the benzo-a-pyrene, which is a carcinogenic of class 2A, used as impregnation of wooden posts and fences (forbidden in France since April 2019).

.   Multi-layer packaging : plastic packaging composed of different, difficult to separate components (aluminium, pet, PE, PP, PA, evoh).

.   Extrusion : technique aimed at heating and forming a material through a dye and a calibration unit in order to produce long profiles or tubes. 

.   Gate Fee : fee levied by a recycler for waste deliveries = fee to be paid for a lawful and correct recycling garantee

.   Plastic intrusion : technique aimed at injecting a melt into a 2 or 3 D mold without water cooling. 

.   Post-Industriel : said of waste generated by industries, generally cleaner and better defined than post-consumer waste

.   Proof of concept :  validation of a process or an idea in a physical manner.

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